We are now hiring for winter 2017/2018 – Main roles – chalet couples, qualified ski techs and single chefs.
To live the adventure of a lifetime and work a season in the Alps, get in touch!

Always be prepared…

It’s always worth sending your CV into us as we love to have a few extra stars up our sleeves should someone have to rush back home for an emergency…If you feel you have the right skills, attitude and all round personality then please email us your CV and a cover letter.

Even if it doesn’t work out this Winter, we’ll have your CV on file for the future.

Chalet Host and Chalet Chef

As with all of our staff, this position comes down to your individual experience and qualifications. If you feel you have the necessary skills in the kitchen and within all the other aspects of chalet life, we'd love to hear from you.

Have other skills?

If you don’t see your position on the list but have extensive relevant winter season experience, get in touch and we’ll put your CV on our standby list.

Drop us a line »