Mid October and the snow has started falling properly.

Now that all thoughts of Summer have gone, it’s OK to dream of cold mornings and sub zero temperatures…


The first real dumps of snow down to 1600 metres have started in the last few days.  This is perfect timing – if it starts snowing heavily early September, there’s always the risk it might be arriving too early…where as if it starts snowing too late, we all bite our nails and it makes for a different build up to the season.

So, here at Morealps, we’ve drawn up a small plan that we’re sending off to the weather men.  We’re asking for:

  • No snow on transfer days please, but not too sunny as we don’t want to miss out
  • Bad weather on Tuesdays, (to make shopping day easier)
  • A minimum of a half metre powder day per week
  • Just for 20 weeks!

That should do it we think.  Now all I have to so is ask Santa for a snow blower for the drive, or maybe we’ll just keep going with our original plan…

…buy Phillipe from the council regular beers and he’ll keep on clearing it for us with his snow plow!